Neato Software is a tiny benefit corporation striving to raise the standards of online content interaction.

We design and build simple and intuitive interfaces for the web. These include tools for both content creators and consumers.

For web content consumers, we are working on a browser plug-in to help make the web “junk-free by default”. It combines three functions:   base-level tracking protection, a distraction-free “reader view” mode, and local save-to-file bookmarking.

For web content creators, we are building an intuitive content management tool that is designed for ease of use.

Everything we build is open source and respects users’ freedom and privacy.

Neato Software was founded by @cschidle and is based in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.

We practice Ethical Design.

Projects that Inspire Us

elementary OS – A fast and open replacement for Windows and macOS.

Ghost – An open source publishing platform.

Ind.ie – The creators of Better and the Ethical Design Manifesto.

uBlock Origin – An efficient blocker easy on CPU and memory.