About Us

We are a small team of designers and developers making intuitive interfaces for the web.

We are the makers of lowercase, a general purpose content management system designed for flexibility and ease of use. It's well suited for blogs, small business websites, or any site with a need for data collection (polls, applications, etc.).

We are a small business founded in 2016. We reject the term "startup" and have no interest in outside investment. Our offices are located in sunny Las Vegas, NV.

We design and code for the joy of improving online interactions. We strive to make products that save people time, money, and effort.

These are our values:

  1. Integrity We do the right thing.
  2. Transparency We share as much as possible.
  3. Progress We take every opportunity to learn.
  4. Balance We value personal time as much as work time.

We are still seeking founding members to join our team. If you enjoy building simple and intuitive web interfaces, please reach out at .